Delivery Policy Details at Saudi

Shipping and delivery policy for consumers

1.Place an Order

Placing an order on is very simple and easy.

  • Log in to your Tila account using your registered email address and password. If you do not have an account yet, click here on how to register on

  • Search or browse for the item you are looking for.

  • Check the product details, images, specifications, videos, and customer reviews.

  • Choose the item and click on “Add to Cart” to add it to your shopping cart or “Buy now” to go directly to checkout.

  • Select the address to which you would like the items delivered. If you are buying from Tila for the first time, then fill in your delivery address details.

  • Select the payment method and complete your purchase by clicking “Place Order”.

  • You will receive an order number and we will send you a confirmation email and SMS with the order details.

  • In the order confirmation email, you will get a link to track the status of your order.

2.Adding Multiple Shipping Addresses

  • We would like to deliver the product wherever you want. It can be to your home, office, a relative or friend’s place-- just as long as the address is within KSA. You can add multiple addresses to your account in advance or you may add them at the time of checkout. Once you add the item to your shopping cart, you can see the “Delivery Address” option.

  • If you already updated the account with a delivery address earlier, then it will be shown.

  • In case you want to ship the item to a different address (other than the one you already have in your account), you can choose the “Add new Address” option to add the address you would like your order to be delivered to.

  • You can also select an address as the“Default Delivery Address”: where you'll want most of your orders to be delivered.

  • You can label your address as “Home”, “Office”, “friend's place” etc.

  • Please select the preferred address to which you would like to ship the product.

3.Shipping Methods & Charges

In TiLa, we have 4 options for shipping:

  • Express Delivery: Delivery within 3 hours for orders placed before 6pm on selected items. This service is currently available only in Riyadh (Jeddah and Dammam coming soon). Express service attracts a delivery charge of 24 SAR per shipment. In the event the delivery takes more than 3 hours, the shipping fees will be refunded.

  • Same Day Delivery: Delivery within the same day for orders placed before 1pm on selected items. This service is currently available only in Riyadh (Jeddah and Dammam coming soon). The Same Day Delivery service attracts a delivery charge of SAR 19 per shipment. In the event we couldn’t deliver your order on the same day, the shipping fees will be refunded.

  • Standard Delivery: Delivery within 2 to 4 working days if your item is sourced locally and may take more than that if your product is sourced from an international seller. Standard Delivery attracts a delivery charge of 12 SAR per shipment for orders below 200 SAR. For orders above 200 SAR, the standard delivery is free. In case a single order results in multiple shipments, 12SAR will be charged for each shipment where the value of each individual shipment is below 200SAR.

  • International shipping: Delivery timelines will be as per the source country. For International shipments, customers will be asked to share their IQAMA. A custom clearance fee (non-refundable) will be charged for high value shipments (above SAR 1000).

4.Assigned Shipping Partner for your Order

At TiLa, we have our own in-house delivery teams. We also work with all the leading shipping partners like Aramex, Naqel & SMSA etc. Depending on the type of items in your order and your delivery location, our TiLa system will automatically assign a shipping partner for your order. Having multiple partners helps us serve you better.

5.Our Packaging

We care for the environment and most of our product packaging materials are made from 100% recycled materials. We pay a lot of attention to having secured packaging for your item. All the products that you buy from us are well protected and come with a seal with TiLa's branding on it. This is to give you full assurance that you receive the product in the same condition as we shipped it.

6.Your order status

Your order will be delivered by the expected date specified on your order. The expected delivery date is the date by/before which you can reasonably expect the item to arrive at your preferred shipping address.

You'll see an expected delivery date for each shipment on the order summary, just before you place your order. The expected delivery date will also appear in the My Orders section of your account after you've placed your order. To view the estimated delivery date for your order, do the following:

  • Log in to account using your registered email address and password.

  • Click on your name displayed at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • Click on My Orders.

  • Locate your order. The screen will show you the orders placed in last 6 months by default.

  • The expected delivery date shall be displayed below the order details tab.

Note: If your order has not arrived on or before the expected delivery date at your preferred shipping address, please get in touch with the Customer Service team for further assistance.

7.Track your Order

Tracking your order is very easy on Tila. You can use the link sent to you via SMS on your registered mobile phone number or on your registered e-mail address to track where your order currently is. Additionally, you can also log in to your account to track your orders as follows:

  • Log in to account using your registered e-mail address and password.

  • Click on your name that's displayed at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • Click on My Order from the drop-down menu.

  • The screen will show you the orders placed in last 6 months by default.

  • Locate your order on the screen.

  • Click on Track Shipment against the shipment you want to know the status of.

  • The pop-up screen will show where the order currently is along with a shipment tracking number for your reference.

8.Shipping & Delivery Timelines

We have our own in-house delivery team as well as shipping partners to have wide coverage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve your orders. Our delivery timelines will depend on how far your location is from any of our Fulfillment centers where the product is located in Riyadh, Jeddah & Dammam. At the checkout time, based on your order & delivery location, delivery timelines will be clearly mentioned on the checkout page.

This is how you can check the shipping cost and delivery timelines of your order:

  • Select Proceed to Checkout.

  • Select or add your shipping address.

  • Select a payment method.

The total Shipping cost & Cash on Delivery fees (if you opt for Cash on Delivery) will be listed under the Order Summary.

9.Multiple Shipments for the Same Order

We have our own inventories in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam as well as inventories from our Suppliers across the country. There might be a scenario in which you buy multiple items in one single order. If these items are not in one fulfillment center, then multiple shipments will get initiated from our end. You will be notified of this before you proceed to checkout.

10.Digital Products Delivery

Digital products like Software, Games & Media will be delivered instantly via e-mail. Please verify the item with your order before accessing them. Once you access them, a refund is no longer possible. The refund can be processed only when we deliver a wrong item. For wrong items, we will proceed to a complete refund of this item.

11.Pickup and Drop-off Location

We have a strategic partnership with SMSA, FODEL to facilitate the pickup and drop-off. At the time of purchase, you can select the nearest pickup point from the drop-down Menu. You can access all the pickup and drop-off locations here.

Pickup and drop-off locations are very helpful as they allow you to visit them at your convenience-- especially for customers who had no one at the delivery address during the day time to receive the shipment. You can use the same address to drop off your warranty-related items or returns after getting a confirmation from our end. You need to provide an acknowledgement copy from Tila for Warranty or Returns so that SMSA or FODEL can accept your item(s).

12.International Shipping

For international shipping, IQAMA information is required for any shipment that contains high value items which would need a custom clearance. As per the law, an ID must be presented.
Please note: TiLa doesn't store any sensitive information. Your ID details will only be retained till the item is delivered.
Custom Clearance fee
A custom clearance fee is calculated for high value shipments (above SAR 1000). In case the shipment is rejected by customs, this fee will not be refundable.
(Total = 15% of the shipment value + SAR 40)


We are using the latest shipping technologies to serve you quickly and efficiently, and that’s why only TiLa systems are assigning shipping companies. Depending on the type of product you buy and your delivery location, our TiLa system will automatically assign a shipping partner for your order. Our strong relation and experience with shipping partners allow us to offer you competitive delivery timelines, ultimately serving you better.

If the order has not yet been shipped by us, it can be cancelled. If the order has already been shipped and you don’t want the shipment, you can return it as per our Return Policy.

Yes, it is possible to change if it was not already shipped to the original address before you raised this request. Just contact our Customer Service team who will assist you with this matter.

If the returns qualify under our return policy, then shipping fees will get refunded to you.

Not all our courier partners can accept card payments at the time of the delivery. The courier partners who can accept credit/debit card payments will ask for your preference before you pay them in cash.

If the order is not yet processed at the time of your request, then we will do our best to upgrade you to Express Shipping and you will be prompted to make the additional payment for that. To avail this option, go ahead and reach out to our Customer Support.

Once we assign a courier, the courier person will contact you before the delivery. You can communicate the preferred delivery time. If they can accommodate the change on the same day, then, they will do it. Otherwise, the courier person will deliver your order the next day at your preferred time.

It is very rare for an order not to be delivered on time. But in such cases, you can contact our customer support and share the details. We will coordinate with the respective courier partner and provide you with updates about the delivery.

Once the item arrives to the pickup location, you will receive a notification via e-mail and SMS. We advise you to go there and check but only after receiving these communications from our end. In case you still do not find the item at the pickup location, then please contact our customer support via call or e-mail.

We do understand that on some occasions, you may like to purchase something on TiLa and gift it to your relatives or friends outside of Saudi Arabia. But currently, we can only deliver within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yes. All orders above 100 SAR are eligible for free shipping. (Launch offer value 50 SAR)

We communicate the delivery schedule by e-mail and SMS. Once we assign a courier, the courier person will contact you before the delivery. In case you wish to change your delivery time, then please get in touch with our Customer Support.

Once the order is placed, you can’t add additional items to the same order. We request you to purchase the required item as a separate/new order. If the item location and shipping location are the same and are bought at the same time, there is a high probability you will receive the items together on the same day.

We already included the VAT in our product pricing. So, you don’t need to pay VAT at the time of the delivery.

Our courier partners collect a small cash handling charge if you opt for Cash on Delivery. In case you have a credit card or debit card then we advise you to make an online payment to avoid paying the Cash on Delivery charges.

Yes, Cash on Delivery will not be available if your order value exceeds 3000 SAR.

There are no extra charges for using your Credit or Debit card to purchase on TiLa.

We normally take great care in our packaging. It is very rare for the item to get damaged in transit. In case you received a damaged item, then please reach out to our Customer Support via e-mail or give them a call and communicate all the details. We will collect the item back and either refund you or replace it.